Use Authority Positioning To Attract Better Clients, Charge Higher Fees And Take Your Business To The Next Level

When comparing your business side-by-side with all the other possible choices from which your prospect can choose, there's a good chance that you will lose. And, even if you don't lose and do get the business, more than likely it will be on their terms, rather than yours.

What are all the things that annoy you with your current client base? Haggling over price? Second-guessing your advice? Not following through on the plans you have created? Chasing down clients? Most entrepreneurs think those things are problems. They're not.

The problem is that you haven't positioned yourself as the unique and valuable ""obvious choice" in the mind of your prospect.

BizSmart Media focuses on one of the most profound, yet simple, business concepts that will revolutionize your business. By branding yourself as the "obvious choice" in your industry, you can distinguish yourself and your business in a way that lets you essentially eliminate your competition.

While your prospects may seek alternatives for your product or service, ultimately the only way they can access you and your unique gifts and talents is to purchase from you.  Whether you are a one-person business or a multi-million dollar one, BizSmart Media offers you the opportunity to create a unique authority brand that cannot be replicated. This method of growing a business not only offers you the advantage of brand identity, but also creates a high level of relationship-building with an authority-driven brand.

If you have ever wondered if you could be the "obvious choice" in your industry, BizSmart Media gives you the opportunity and the tools to make it happen. There is simply no excuse to wait any longer! We encourage you to take action now and let us help you begin the process of building your business as the "go-to" authority.  

How We Help You Become the "Obvious Choice" For Your Prospects and Clients


Get your book written and make it an Amazon Best Seller (or take your book to Amazon Best Seller status.


Get featured on major media powerhouses like affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and more!


Leverage your media mentions and best selling authority status  to attract more clients.


Discover new and innovative strategies to generate more predictable cash flow by closing more deals.

Our Raving Fans


As many of us do, I’ve always wanted to be a published author. And now, with the help of Donna Gunter, I am not only published but am an Amazon Best Selling Author and have been “seen on” CNN AND it couldn’t have been easier! My journey was made super, simple by Donna’s 30 Day Authority Program, which guided me through the entire process, and took care of all the back end technology and publicity. I cannot be more excited and pleased!


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