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I’ve just discovered a very cool way to increase your interaction with your web site or Facebook visitors. Let them send you a voicemail!

SpeakPipe  offers your web site visitors, customers, readers, or followers the ability to send you a voicemail directly from your web site or Facebook page. SpeakPipe offers an easy-to-install widget for WordPress and other platforms. If you don’t sue WordPress, you get the code to install it on an HTML page. Or, you can create your own SpeakPipe page and link visitors to that page to leave you a voicemail. You also have the ability to customize the message on the widget you create.

The sender has the option of including a name and email address with her message, and of listening to and re-recording the message, as needed. If she includes an email address, SpeakPipe will send her an email with a link to the message. As the recipient, you’ll get an email notification that you have a new voicemail message in your email inbox. Messages are limited to 10 minutes.

No longer do you have to force your customers to type a text message. Now you can let them talk and show them that you are listening. The service is free of charge while in beta.

Create the option to send voicemail from your site here.


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  • http://BasicBlogTips.com Ileane

    Hi Donna. I’m a Speak Pipe fan too! I have it on my contact page and it really is a convenient way to get feedback and answer questions from your readers. I still can’t believe it’s free!

    • http://www.OnlineBizU.com Donna Gunter

      I know, Ileane. Isn’t that great?

  • http://twitter.com/SpeakPipe SpeakPipe

    Donna, thanks a lot for the great post. I want to add that you can also send a voice reply. So, if a sender leaves her email, you can send her a voice reply from your SpeakPipe inbox. You’ll notice “Reply” button near sender’s email on inbox page.

    • http://www.OnlineBizU.com Donna Gunter

      Yes, I just realized that. Thanks for sharing!

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