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Archive Monthly Archives: August 2005

Millionaire Mindset

As you probably know, I’ve been playing the Millionaire Money game for the last few weeks, and coaching colleague Lin Schreiber has been leading calls with the participants as we check-in to report

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Manifesting What You Want by Asking for Help

From my earliest days, I’ve been a planner.  I’ve always been the one to organize people, places, and things and can easily see in my head how something should be put together and can

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Dinner Party Networking

After being inspired by Keith Ferrazi’s dinner parties that he recounted in his book Never Eat Alone, I threw something of a dinner party (ok, it was a pizza party <g>) last night with some

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Never Eat Alone Networking

I just finished the most amazing book on networking called Never Eat Alone:  And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time, by Keith Ferrazzi.  For the two years in Little Rock, I

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Creating Multiple Streams of Income

"Ah-ha" number two in the Millionaire Money Game (MMG) came this week after I attended a day-long workshop in Houston on Saturday sponsored by the Internet Marketing Center.  When you’re

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