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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2006

Cool Tools from Traffic School

uDeciding to pay attention to my own professional development is a priority this year, now that firmly settled in one location for awhile.  I had enrolled in Michael Port’s and Mitch Meyerson’s

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10 Strategies for Getting Results from Joining Professional Associations

I'll be the first to admit that I went a little nuts when I moved to Little Rock in 2003 in terms of going all-out to participate in a variety of professional associations. 

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Viral Marketing via Rejection

I read in this morning’s Houston Chronicle about a new way to reject people in the dating world.  If you’re asked for your number but don’t really want to give it to the person

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Marketing Wisdom 2006

Here’s a great resource for you:  Marketing Sherpa’s Marketing Wisdom for 2006.  Get your free copy of this new report from a great marketing resources, The

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Article submission update

I was reading my post from December about how many places had published the articles I had been submitting.  In December, I wrote that my stats were as follows: Google:  962 sites (About 98%

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