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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2006

Google Trends

The key to reaching clients is to target them where they are. Google has a new tool that can help you with this: Google Trends. Google Trends lets you enter keywords to see what’s hot, what’s

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How to Build Your Personal Marketing Swipe File

You’re probably familiar with the notion that there are no new ideas.  I’m often told that I’m a great resource for brainstorming, as I can come up with many new ideas very quickly. 

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Just Sit There and Do Nothing

My boyfriend and I were speaking this morning about the ability to sit still in what we both refer to as a "boring" environment and just do nothing.  It’s a challenge for each of

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Taking Some Well Needed Time Off

I’m taking a long weekend this weekend, primarily because it’s something I always do for my birthday (it’s number 43 for me!), and secondarily, because I haven’t taken any time

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How to Create Your First One-Page Sales Web Site

Most one-page web sites (also called one-page sales letter web sites or mini web sites) have only one purpose — to sell a product.  My conversion to the one-page web site strategy has been

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