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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2007


Given my technology challenges of the last week and the ever-increasing RAM requirements of downloaded programs, RAMPage has been my friend for 8 years. RAMpage is a free Windows utility that displays

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Putting the “Authentic You” in Your Online Business

I just finished reading and fell in love with a fiction book by author Angela Hunt called The Note.  The main character, Peyton McGruder, writes a column, "The Heart Healer", for a

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Technology Woes, Yet Again

My weekend and last few days have been consumed with getting my computer up and running again.  What started as a simple replacement of a power supply morphed into much bigger things.  I had

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Blog Confusion

Q:  I want to start a blog, but I’m not sure what to use.  I’ve heard alot about WordPress–do you have any experience in that? A:  I personally use Typepad and am quite

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Update to PDF alternatives

Back in December Dusty had asked me a question about cheaper alternatives to Adobe PDF writer.  I’ve recently discovered 2 that are free of charge, and the programs do convert text links to

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