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Archive Monthly Archives: February 2007

Write, Write, and Write Some More

I never thought I’d tire of writing, but I’m just about at that point. It seems like I’ve been writing non-stop now for weeks to get several projects finished, and I’ll be sooo

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A New Twist on Networking

Tired of the same ole’ meet and greet networking event?  David Frey of Marketing Best Practices talks about creating a business book review group as a new take on the traditional business networking

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Software Registration Manager 2.0

In my transfer of programs and files to my new computer this week, I discovered my woefully inadequate documentation of all my software serial numbers and registration keys.  In my quest to find

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How to Find Your Niche, Determine Your Ideal Client, and Target Your Market

How do you find your niche, target market, tarket, niche market, ideal client?  Whatever you call it, you need to define it for yourself to be successful in business. Whatever you want to call it, the

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The Feast or Famine Syndrome

It always seems to be feast or famine in this business..:).  In addition to handling my coaching clients and online biz management clients, I’ve got several projects in progress and opportunities

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