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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2008

10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Target Market

“My target market is everybody.”  Is this statement true for your business?  If so, how is that working for you?  My guess would be that it’s not working at all.  I shudder when a client

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Article Submission Software

Q:  What is the best software for doing multiple submissions to free article sites? Robbi Gunter A:  Hey Robbi–  Wonder if we’re related somehow!   The best software

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Article Marketing: 15 Secrets to Repurposing Your Articles to Work for You Again and Again

My favorite Internet marketing strategy of all time is article marketing.  It keys into one of my talents, writing, and I can use the articles I  create time and time again for a multitude of purposes. 

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Search Automator

The most effective tool I’ve found for researching a niche is a $37 software program called Search Automator.  I own a privately branded version of the program, and you can search on a term

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7 Steps to Creating Info-Packed Teleseminars From Your Articles

Teleseminars, or workshops conducted over a teleconference line, are one of the easiest ways to grow a business and leverage your expertise online.  However, when I speak to clients

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