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Archive Monthly Archives: October 2008

Vacationing in Wine Country

Happy Halloween to all of you!  I'm not much of a Halloween gal, but Eric's fav holiday is Halloween.  We've got a few decorations up, but Hurricane Ike sort of threw a damper

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10 Secrets to Using Twitter to Attract More Followers and Get More Clients

I do wonder at times if some Twitter users have any time to get any work done.  Several of the more prolific ones that I follow swear they spend no more than 30 minutes a day on Twitter, but I really

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Upselling customers to new products

Q:  I have a fairly high % of people who buy my products and services the first time they get to my website. Fairly high is about 30 – 40%. I find it weird because don’t the stats say people

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Reciprocal links swaps

Q:  What is the best approach when soliciting a reciprocal link swap with other website owners who have similar niche markets? Leah Burton A:  Hi Leah– Actually,

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Who owns the word “entrepreneur”?

Entrepreneur Media (EM) , the company that publishes Entrepreneur Magazine (which I love, btw), is at battle again over the word "entrepreneur".  Now they're suing Ernst & Young

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