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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2009

Increasing traffic to my website

Q:  How do I increase the number of hits on our website?Gautam A:  Hi Gautam: There are a number of ways to increase traffic to your site: 1.  Article marketing: Writing about what you

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How to Create a Blog

Q:  Is it better to design a website and add a blog link to the navation bar or to build a website using WordPress and include a blog page?William A:  Hi William– The answer depends to

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Ezine for Wedding Planners

Q: I'm starting a new business and I'm not exactly sure if I can use an ezine.  It is a wedding planning business. Cathy A:  Hi Cathy– An ezine is a great marketing tool. regardless

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SEO Companies

Q:  Do you use a SEO service? Kathy A:  Hi Kathy– No, I don't use an SEO service.  I did hire one about 6 years ago, but the info that they found for me in a keyword search

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How to increase conversion rates

Q:  I get tons of offers to join programs but no one will sign up with me, even if it is free. Valarie A:  Hi Valarie– It's not easy getting people to sign up for anything any longer,

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