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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2009

Taking Time Off

This will be my last blog post for this month, as I'm taking next week off as a birthday treat to myself.  I turn 46 next Wednesday.  Wasn't I just 39 yesterday?? LOL 

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7 Secrets to Successful Keyword Research

As people search for information online, they use a series of words, which are referred to as keywords, to find the information that they are seeking. Keywords are the core of any market research conducted

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Choosing software for a membership site

Q:  Your membership site looks wonderful.  What software do you use for your site?Leisha A:  Hi Leisha– I looked long and hard at a variety of membership site software, and I chose

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Internet Marketing for Authors

Q:  For the long term I want to provide UK authors and publishers with a variety of internet promotional services.  At present I am setting up a number of niche book-related websites. 

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What’s Old is New Again

Eric and I went to see the new Star Trek movie over the weekend.  It's a great movie, btw, if you have any interest in the Star Trek franchise, although they did change the storyline a bit..;)

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