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Archive Monthly Archives: July 2009

Weekends for Business?

I'm feeling kind of drained and scattered this week because I spent the entire weekend at a virtual conference.  Granted, the info was great and I learned just what I need to move myself forward

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Facebook Advertising Policy, Take 2

Well, it appears I was duped, as were many other, with my post earlier this week about Facebook's new advertising policy.  I had read the info on several reputable blogs, as it appears they

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My Mom — Gone But Not Forgotten

It's been a year today since my mom unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack.  On one hand, it's hard to believe it's been a year, since I still, on occasion, go to pick up the

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New Facebook Advertising Policy

Did you know that Facebook has decided to let 3rd party advertisers use your posted pictures without your permission? If you don't want them to do this, click on "Settings" up at the top

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Too Much Connectivity?

Eric had his gaming pals over a week or so ago, and I got a great deal of amusement from them, although they had no clue why.  Most of them are mid-20s to mid-30s, so that makes Eric the geezer of

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