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Archive Monthly Archives: August 2009

Low-tech, low-budget way to start an online business

Q:   How do I get started with my online business when I am not at all technical and have a very limited budget?Beth A:  Hi Beth!  You didn't say what you're selling, so

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Recently when I had to schedule 30 complimentary consultation appointments, I wanted to automate that process as much as possible.  There are a number of online appointment systems available,

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End of Summer

It seems to happen this way for me every single summer for the past few years.  First, it's May (ok, we have early summers here in the South) and I'm celebrating the fact that the days

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How to create an online forum

Q:  How do I set up a new forum, where do I start for content? The website is on Internet Marketing, List Building.Charlotte A:  Hi Charlotte– Starting a new forum is a challenge, to say

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Earlier this year, I had to replace my old tried-and-true email program, Eudora, because the company that created it was no longer updating it and it simply died on me after the time change went into effect

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