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Archive Monthly Archives: September 2009

How to Promote Yourself Without the Slime

Q:  How do I market my web site with a non-intrusive manner? So that people feel welcome but not obliged to visit my site? Marek A:  Hi Marek — I think the real question you may be asking

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Top 10 Firefox Browser Plugins

About a year ago I fired Internet Explorer as my primary browser.  Why?  Because it crashed on me constantly and took forever at times to transition from one site to another.  I’ve found the

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I keep trying out different social network management systems, always finding fault with the one I'm using.  For awhile I liked Seesmic Desktop, which I've reviewed

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Advertising unique product

Q:  I'm new…I have a unique product. How do I advertize? Thank You! A:  Hi Leslie — You could advertise in holistic publications, but I think

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7 Reasons Why an Online Business is the PERFECT Business for Introverts

I recently realized that much of my 1970’s childhood upbringing both enhanced my natural tendency toward introversion and prepared me to own a virtual online business.  I grew up out in the country,

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