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Archive Monthly Archives: October 2009


To schedule meetings, I have been using Timebridge as my tool of choice. The downside of Timebridge, however, is that when you send your calendar for someone to view your availability, they have

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Castle, Part 2

I guess the ABC Television series, Castle is popular!  I fielded quite a few emails and comments about the article I wrote last week regarding the brilliant marketing strategy ABC is using by

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Best Article Directories

Q:  I have been following your newsletter and your articles on Sitepro News for several months. I am the webmaster for a non-profit organization (Learning Center for Human Development)and I am thinking

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One Minute Coupon

The holidays, in particular, seem to be ripe for the distribution of coupons. I've noticed more larger companies touting their coupons or discounts on their nationally televised commercials. How

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Brilliant Marketing Strategy by ABC Television

I've recently started watching the ABC television series, Castle, starring Nathan Fillion (who was Capt. Mal Reynolds for all you sci fi geeks like me out there). The series is about a best-selling author,

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