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Archive Monthly Archives: November 2009

Cyber Monday Deals

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; Had I not been so addled with cold medications, perhaps I would have remembered that the online

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A Time for Thanks

Well, it looks like Eric and I will be homebound this year for Thanksgiving. He is recovering from a nasty cold and hasn't been able to take off from work to rest and recuperate properly because

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Getting Back on the Horse

It's been awhile since I have offered any programs where I teach and train. Teaching is something I love to do, but I've basically been content to rest on my laurels for the past year and not

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What To Do If Your Facebook or Twitter Account is Hacked

Unfortunately, this scenario is a reality for all of us who use social networking — it’s not a matter of IF your Twitter or Facebook account will be hacked, but simply WHEN. I’ve been on

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How to Add Twitter to LinkedIn

Last week LinkedIn announced it was adding Twitter to the list of applications you can add to your LinkedIn profile.  This is certainly a valuable addition that I think is long overdue! Now you

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