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Archive Monthly Archives: April 2010

Internet Marketing for Introverts: Use Your Gifts to Attract All the Clients You Need

When I began to market my business online, I just started to do things that were pretty natural to me.  I’m a great teacher, so I held teleclasses, and I’m also a great writer and researcher, so

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Marketing for Introverts Survey

If you haven't already, will you take 5 minutes to complete this quick survey about marketing for introverts? I'm creating a slight change of direction for my business, and would like to hear

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Coming out of the closet…with an epiphany!

I've been doing alot of thinking about my business in the last few months.  Two things that have always bugged me about being in Internet marketing and helping others create and implement Internet

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Great customer follow-up from Zappo’s

I placed my first order from Zappo's about a year ago for a pair of shoes.  Yesterday, I got an email from them reminding me of that order and telling me that they still carried this shoe and

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The Tax Man Cometh

For those of us here in the U.S., April 15 means one thing — it’s the deadline by which you must pay (or pay and file for an extension) for your U.S. income taxes. I’ve

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