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Archive Monthly Archives: June 2010

Social Networking for Local Business

Q:  How can I harness the power of social networking sites such as Facebook to generate new clients for my wedding photography business? PaulCosmic Photography A: 

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It’s not always easy to discover in one place all the  mentions of your company or your name that exists online. Google Alerts or Twitter keyword searches solve some of that problem for you, but

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Need help with list creation in aWeber

Q:  I see that you use aWeber for your ezine.  I'm trying to create a giveaway that is available for download on my site.  When someone signs up for the giveaway, they're added

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Making Retirement Plans

I never thought I’d be saying this in my 40s, as I think I’m too young to retire (in the traditional sense, anyhow!), but Eric and I have started to discuss retirement issues.

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Seeking a new conference call service

Q  We have been using for our conference calling service. Over the course of years, we are not completely happy with their service and are searching for a better service.

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