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Archive Monthly Archives: July 2010

Newsletter Finalist

I just received word that my Get Clients Online Ezine that you’re now reading was named as one of the top 20 finalists out of 169 entries in colleague Linda Claire Puig’s “Next Top Newsletter”

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7 Most Effective Tasks to Authentically Outsource in Your Social Media Marketing

Social networking can take up more time than you realize.  You’re online checking your Facebook status updates, and suddenly an hour has passed before you know it.  Is there any way to authentically

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Goals on Track

Goals and tasks are the bane of many a business owner’s existence, yet however much you might dislike them, they are a necessary evil for success. Most of us write down on scraps of paper what we

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How to Brand Myself on a Limited Budget

Q:  How can I brand myself on a limited budget? Bob A:  Hi Bob– You're definitely in the right industry (writing) to help brand yourself pretty easily. Here

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The Silver Lining in Every Cloud

Things are almost back to normal at the Carver-Gunter household.  Eric is still on the mend and out on short-term disability, probably for at least 2 more weeks. Despite being in a bit of pain and having

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