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Archive Monthly Archives: February 2011

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

As I look into my crystal ball of marketing, I foresee that I’ll be adding more videos to my marketing mix this year. Anyone who’s ever dealt with videos knows that they’re both

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7 Essential Features of an Effective Web Site

Web sites have changed dramatically since I starting doing business online over 10 years ago.  When I look back at some of my old sites, I cringe at how unprofessional they seem.  Unfortunately,

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Best Hosting Site for a New Blog

Q:  What’s the best hosting site for a new blog? Amy A:  Hi Amy! I recommend a WordPress installation on   Bluehost makes it VERY easy to install WP with their Simple Script installation

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To-Do Desklist

My to-do list often runneth over. I am the world’s largest user of sticky notes, I think, and my desk it often littered with them as I remember things I have to do or ideas that I have. Periodically

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How to Change a Twitter Profile Photo

Q:  I enjoyed your article on twitter and was just wondering if you know how to change a twitter profile photo. I haven’t figured out how to and would like to update to a more recent photo. I

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