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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2011

How Frequently Should You Email Your List, Blog, Tweet, or Update Your Facebook Page?

What are the best days to send my email newsletter?  How many times a week should I blog?  How many Twitter updates are too many Twitter updates?  Should I repost a status update?  These are questions

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Need Answers to Tax Questions

Q:  Although I’m planning to hire an accountant soon to do taxes for next year, I had figured that I’d just do them myself for the first year in business. This has proven a bit challenging

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I’ve tried out a number of themes as I’ve gotten to know WordPress better as a blogsite platform.  Some have worked out better than others.  However, I recently discovered a piece of software

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Bad Examples of Social Networking

I just unfriended someone today from Facebook for a really poor display in her status update.  Apparently she got a speeding ticket and went off about that and the cop who issued the ticket with a string

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Mobile Marketing: 5 Ways to Use Text Messaging to Get More Clients Online

Today, there are three items that people bring with them when they leave home:  their keys, their wallet (purse) and their cell phones. However, because businesses (like Starbucks) are permitting patrons

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