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Archive Monthly Archives: April 2011

9 Steps to Creating a Quick and Easy Membership Site

Membership sites come in all sizes, shapes, and offerings today.  Site owners use any number of software platforms to operate their sites, and the sites can be pretty simple to very complex.  I’ve

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Marketing Your Virtual Assistant Business via Article Writing

Q:  What topics could a virtual administrative assistant write about? Linda A:  Hi Linda!  When I started my VA biz back in 1999, I didn’t think that I knew enough about any topic to write any

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Hamster Video Converter

If you’re not very familiar with video, you may get stuck with the wrong format of video for what you need to do.  With most video converters, you have to know the video lingo in order to properly

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5 Unique Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Facebook Page

Now that everyone who owns a business seems to be building Facebook Pages (also known as Fan Pages, Like Pages, and Business Pages), the next inevitable dilemma that we face is what to do with those

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No longer do you need a credit card machine, or even a laptop, for that matter, or even a merchant account to accept credit card payments in person.  Now, all you need is a smart phone and a little

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