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Archive Monthly Archives: June 2011

Content Marketing: 7 Steps to Creating an Irresistible Slidecast Presentation

I’ve recently discovered one content marketing strategy that will get your business found in the search engines is through the creation of a slide show, or slidecast, and posting that on slide sharing

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How to Get More Clients Online

Q:  Where and how is the best way to market online for clients? Trish Donmall A:  Hey Trish — I see from your email address that you run a Virtual Assistant practice.

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Just Answer

A few weeks ago my email program bit the dust, and I lost all of my emails.  I then did some quick online research on virtual tech support services, and found more options than I thought I might. 

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My New Computer Monitor is Making Me Sick

Yesterday I felt like death warmed over.  I was really tired and very nauseated.  I had just installed my new HP 23″ LED monitor and it was really, really bright.  However, I took a nap yesterday

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Social Media Marketing: How to Build Your List Using Linkedin

The one marketing mantra that I repeat time and time again is this:  in all of your marketing strategies, your primary call to action should be to grow your list, even when doing social media marketing. 

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