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Archive Monthly Archives: April 2012

Jumpstart Your Facebook Fan Page

What are you doing tomorrow, Tuesday, May 1? I’d love for you to join me for an important info-rich call that will help you jumpstart your Facebook business page…. The way we do business has changed

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How to Become an Expert: 10 Key Questions to Ask to Unlock Your Expertise

Many business owners wrestle with this notion of “expertise”, feeling certain that they don’t know enough to be looked upon by anyone as an expert. I avoided that expert label as well for my first

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Helping You Get It Together with Dooster

I’m pretty fickle — I routinely fall in love and then quickly out of love with task management and project management services.  Something always goes wrong in the relationship.  However,

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Marketing in Facebook: 5 Secrets to Using Facebook Insights to Grow Your Fan Base

Facebook has its own internal metrics program called Facebook Insights for Facebook pages. Insights lets page administrators improve their business pages by providing statistics on user growth, demographics,

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Once upon a time I had a great piece of software that would let me create and track personalized links, like affiliate links, from my web site.  However, my web host shut down my site and had me remove

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