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Archive Monthly Archives: September 2012

Number One Book System

DOES AMAZON MATTER? Amazon is the best buyer search engine in the world, so if you can get a book ranked for your category (which is largely a combination of how you title your book and the number of reviews)

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I never got the hang of creating forms on web pages in HTML. Something would always hang up in the form I created, rendering it useless to me.  I’ve tried many online form creators, both paid and free,

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Would You Have Bought Apple Computer Stock at $4 Per Share?

Just before Steve Jobs came back to Apple Computer in 1997, the stock was trading at $4 per share. It’s now worth 100 times that, at least. Did you buy it? Nope, not many folks did. But occasionally

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Seven Strategies for Creating a Successful Mastermind Group

Mastermind groups are nothing new. In fact, Napoleon Hill writes about them in his classic, “Think and Grow Rich”, in which he defines “Master Mind” as the “coordination of

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