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Archive Monthly Archives: October 2012

End Frustration with Document Signatures

Getting clients to sign contracts or agreements can be a time-consuming process. Many times they don’t have ready access to a scanner and a fax machine and have to mail the contract back to me via

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Hold Yourself Accountable

If you’re working solo with lots of clients and many projects, usually the last projects that you do are your own. If you’re as bad at holding yourself accountable as I am, perhaps you need

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Business Profit Plan: Building Your Foundation of Business Success

How well is your business profit plan working for you?  Mine hasn’t been working well at all for me.  I’ve been bored, chasing shiny objects, getting off track, and feeling generally dissatisfied

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Crash Plan Pro

Like many services I use, I recently outgrew my online backup service.  My storage needs exceeded their top capacity, and to renew with them meant a tremendous price increase.  Plus, the backup wasn’t

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I recently had to give up my file synchronization service because I ran out of room.  The next level of service they offered was 5 times the rate I was currently paying, and they didn’t offer anything

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