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Archive Monthly Archives: August 2019

The Perfect 10-Point Lead Nurturing Strategy

Every business needs more leads. What happens when you get a lead? Sadly, in many cases, nothing at all. That’s why you need to become the guru with a killer lead nurturing strategy.

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7 Ways to Create Amazing Actionable Content on Your Website

When I refer to actionable content, I’m talking about the content that can be easily implemented by the readers that they find informative, relevant, entertaining and unique. One of the best examples

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Do You Walk Your Talk?

Few things annoy me more than enrolling in someone’s program, only to discover that they are not doing in their own business what they say to do in their training program. Have you ever noticed this

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How to Profit as a Podcast Guest

Podcasting has become the most common way for people, businesses, and churches to share their message with the world. Podcasting has made a resurgence and is now stronger than ever.  In 2019, there are

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August 2019 Cool Tools Roundup

Website Hosting with Siteground: I became dissatisfied with a2Hosting after I kept getting notices that site vulnerabilities were continuing to invade my account. One of my sites was hacked, and when

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