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5 Essential Features of Your Mobile Web Site

5 Essential Features of Your Mobile Web SiteTrust me, it doesn’t just seem like everyone you know has one of the following — an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android.  They really do —  fifty million people in the United States, in fact, own a smartphone, according to comScore statistics.  Mobile devices are definitely changing the way we view and interact with information. Since I purchased my iPhone, I’ve got access to information in ways I never dreamed of.  And, if you don’t think you have mobile visitors, check your Google Analytics results under Visitors — you may be surprised to discover how many mobile visitors have checked out your site.

So, what does this mean if you’re a business owner with a web site?  Most people think that their mobile web site should be a carbon-copy of their regular site.  Nothing could be further from the truth. While you can view almost any site from a smartphone, reading it and finding what you need is an entirely different story.

What do you need to consider as you design your mobile site and your mobile experience for your site visitors?  Here are the 5 essential features that every mobile web site needs:

1.Determine your mobile magnets.  Put yourself in the head of your visitor.  What is the most critical information that a visitor might be seeking on her mobile device?  Typically, a mobile user is seeking one (or more) of 7 things:

  • location-based information
  • time-based information
  • ability to save time or money
  • ability to simplify her life
  • entertainment
  • social interaction
  • recognition or VIP treatment or support

If you’re a retail establishment, it might be your phone number, directions, or hours of operation.  If you’re a service provider, it might be a discount coupon or a short video describing your services or offering a free consultation.  Determine what pieces of information from your site would best serve your mobile visitor.

2.  Less is more.  Don’t try and cram all of your information into your mobile site.  Many mobile phones can’t see Javascript or Flash, and trying to enlarge a site’s text-laden pages to be readable on a mobile phone is an exercise in frustration. Reduce your text to the bare minimum, and remove images for easier scanning.

3. Simple Navigation. Don’t make your mobile user dig through layers and layers of navigation to find the info that she needs. Provide a simple navigational layout, making the most important info available at the top of the home page.

4.  Detect mobile vs desktop.  There is a simple piece of code that can be placed on your regular site to redirect a mobile user to the mobile version of your site. You will need to design (or have designed) a separate mobile web site to make this code work.  In fact, you may want to purchase the .mobi version of your domain name now while it’s still available.

5.  Visibility on any smartphone.  Test your mobile web site to ensure that it is clearly visible and everything works on as many mobile phones as possible. There are simulation sites for the major brands of smartphones on which you can test your mobile site to ensure that everything works as it should.

Take Action Strategy

The day of mobile web sites has arrived — don’t make a trip to visit your site painful for your mobile visitors. Determine exactly what they might be seeking when landing on a site like yours, and design your mobile site accordingly to provide just the right information.

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  • Simple smart advice thank you – I particularly agree that people are usually using their mobile device to find your phone number, directions, or hours of operation – and yet many businesses even the big ones make it like finding a needle in a haystack on a mobile device. Great tips.

  • Item 4 is important. I heard from a friend that their website did not redirect to mobile and it would have to be redone.

    • The new technology that’s on the horizon, Bill, is responsive themes for WP. This means that your site will show up in a useable format whether you’re on a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Some themes are being coded that way now — when this becomes more the norm, we won’t have to worry about a separate mobile site. 🙂

  • Mary Ellen Miller says:

    Excellent tips on mobile marketing Donna. There is no question this is where our communications is headed.

  • Sue Painter says:

    More and more businesses are realizing that the majority of searches are now on mobile devices. Great advice, Donna.

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