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Affiliate link cloaker

Q:  If I remember correctly, you used to use an affiliate cloaker.  If you did, can you give me the good, bad, and ugly about them.  Recommendation for one?


A:  Hi Debbie!  Yes, I did write an article a few years ago that talked about how to cloak affiliate links and then this article about a link cloaker that I was giving away.  However, I don't use that any longer. Nothing wrong with it — I just found a more effective solution.

My philosophy on being an affiliate is that I only recommend programs and services to others that I use and that I've found effective.  Consequently, I refer to them often, especially when I speak.

To make the referral process easier, I've purchased domains for my affiliate links,i.e. for my affiliate link to my article submission service.  I simply go in to my domain registrar account and forward my domain to my affiliate URL for this program.

Since my tagline revolves around getting more clients online, I've used that as the tagline for my affiliate domains, i.e.,, etc.

You can use your tagline in a similar fashion to purchase related domains for your affiliate links.

For some affiliate programs that I may still be testing or am not quite committed to, I'm using to cloak those links (I reviewed this service here).  I love this program because I can track the clicks on those links and see how effective they are.

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