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Affiliate program software

Q:  My friend has a high end customized furniture business. How can I help him set up affiliate program that will track the sales I send him?

:  Hi Al — I can best comment on the affiliate program available through my shopping cart, Kickstart Cart.  It’s a full-featured shopping cart that your friend might consider using on his site and has an affiliate tracker built in.  What I like about this system is that the affiliates can log into their affiliate account at any time and get marketing material that has been designed specifically for affiliates (the shopping cart owner has to upload this into the affiliate section of his cart), and they can see a current record of affiliate referrals, sales, and commissions paid.

I did a quick search online and found a site with some other affiliate program reviews here:

Here’s a great source to see how other affiliate programs are run:

And, here’s a link to a past issue of my ezine containing anarticle I wrote recently on how to set up an affiliate program to sell your products and services:,2007.htm

Hope you send your friends lots of sales..:)



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