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Appealing to emotions in the sales process

Q:  I know that most sales result from the following:

  • 29% for rational reasons (material needs)
  • 71% for emotional reasons

Because it seems that most sales are based on emotional reasons, how can I determine the prospect’s emotional motivations in the sales process?

Eddy Ambros

A:  Great question, Eddy!  Sue Painter, The Confident Marketer, talks about the top 11 emotional triggers that motivate people to take action. The top 4 emotional factors to tap into that increase a prospect’s motivation to buy are:

  • Saving time
  • Saving money
  • Making money
  • Avoiding effort

So, since these are the top 4 motivating factors, how does your product or service tap into any of these?  If you can help your prospects draw the line between the solution that your product or service provides and their need to save time and money, make money, or avoid effort, then you will have done a great job in motivating them to buy from you.

Here are questions for you to answer:

  • How does your product/service save people time?
  • How does your product/service save people money?
  • How does your product/service help people make money?
  • How does your product/service help people do things easier (avoid effort)?


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