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Apps, Productivity, Security, and Chocolate :->

I’ve got lots of “finds” for you this week:

1. John Jantsch has collaborated with HubSpot on a new report, 7 Apps That Will Change the Way You Do Business.

You’ll learn how these exciting new apps can help you:

* Brainstorm ideas for fast content creation using Evernote
* Easily share large files across any device using Dropbox
* Generate more traffic to your website using StumbleUpon
* Tell your story and share photos using Instagram and Pintrest
* And more!

Get your free copy here.

Yes, opt-in is required, but I promise you’ll get a lot of marketing value from Hubspot.:)

2. member Connie Ragen Green is running her free 21 Days of Productivity Challenge again. She just hosted a live call about the program, which you can  download here.  hat event page also contains a link to the program as well as a study guide. Enjoy!

3. I discovered a great post from Search Engine Marketing Group on how to optimize 7 popular social media profiles for SEO. You can read more about that here.

4. Want to have your WordPress blog checked for security issues? Here’s my post about WordPress security if you missed it. Click here to have me conduct a FREE WordPress Security Audit and see how vulnerable your site is to hackers.

Visit this page for more info.

5.  I just purchased a BIG box of chocolates as a belated Valentine’s Day gift to myself. It’s one of the “sweetest” most irresistible online events of the year…if you know you need help in adding that special “chocolate” marketing sauce to your business…this is the place to be!

My friend and colleague Ellen Britt (founder of Marketing Qi) has put together a fun,  six day “event“…something so sweet, it’s going to make implementing marketing tactics and strategies into your business as easy (and as enjoyable) as…eating a chocolate covered strawberry!

Ellen has persuaded nearly a dozen of the best online marketing experts on the internet to contribute their best marketing products to her six-days-only Chocolate Covered Marketing Sale…and get this, ALL of these great marketing instructional products are being offered in ONE PACKAGE

for an unbelievably low investment but (here’s what you have to know)…the price is going up every 24 hours, but since today is Day 2, you can get in on the ground floor and…pick up this amazing collection of marketing instructional packages for one low price…this special low Chocolate Covered Marketing Sale price is only good for the next 24 hours, so go ahead and  check it out at this link.

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Best-selling author Donna Gunter works with successful business owners who are experts in their fields and established in their industry and are seeking a way to stand out from their competitors. Using her Ideal Clients on Autopilot System©, she helps them determine the exact strategies to generate more qualified leads and better-paying clients with automated systems. This proven system makes all their marketing easier and more effective and they find themselves positioned as the only choice for their clients.

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