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Are videos effective for selling services?

Q:  I offer Business Valuation Services – services that are of no interest to business owners – until they need it – and that may only be once in their lifetime. I also have a 4 lesson free course that is sent out via e-mail, "How to Value Your Own Business." This is a first step primer about business valuation. I have tried an  online chat seminar with a well know branding expert that he  advertised throughout his large network. It was very lonely as he and I chatted for an hour. I'm thinking that 4 online videos – the same as the lessons that a user could download at any time would be a good selling tool. It would include the points and the examples as you mentioned and would add the personal trust, credibility etc. that you suggested. The Call to Action is to get an upsell to one of the various business valuations alternatives offered on the website. My question is this, "Do free online training videos work for upselling to a paid service?" Thank you.

Pete Smith

A:  Hi Pete–Great question!  I'm answering this based on the experience of others rather than my own, as I have yet to jump on the video bandwagon.  Those experiences from my mentors have convinced me that the video revolution is here, and those of us not producing videos are getting left behind quickly (me included!). 

My marketing coach, Ali Brown, said in a recent coaching call that her opt-in rate on her squeeze page had jumped 30% or so after putting a video there with her call to action.  Tom Antion, on a recent call I attended with him, gave story after story about how he's doing well using videos as a part of his search engine optimization strategy. 

Before you make any videos, though, head over to and do some keyword searches for other videos on your topic area and see what your competitors (or people in related businesses) are doing. 

I think it might be more powerful to upsell viewers to get on your list rather than to buy your service because once they're on your list, you can begin to market your services to them.  However, the best way to determine your call to action is to test, test, test.  You might create a couple of videos with different calls to action, and see what seems to get the best results.  Track your results with a good website stats program, which will help you track landing page visits.

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