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Article Marketing: Top 7 Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Get Your Articles Published Online

Even though I use an amazing article distribution service, not all publications or blogs serving my industry or my target market are on the distribution list for this service or for the well-known, high

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How to drive consistent traffic to my site

Q:  How can I drive consistant traffic to my site without spending money and using different tools and techniques in short time? A:  My fav method for driving traffic to a site is one that I've

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Source for syndicating articles

Q:  Can you recommend a source for syndicating my articles. I am a run a web design business. Nicole A:  Hi Nicole– I'm happy to!  The service I use to syndicate my articles

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Best free strategy to promote a website

Q:  What is the best and free strategy to promote a private website? Michael A:  Hi Michael– Hands down, I think the best free strategy to promote a website is by writing articles and

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Duplicate content penalty in article submission

Q:  I read your article "My Top 7 Essential Twitter Tools" and thought it was very helpful.  I did a Google search on the title and saw that you submitted the article to quite a few

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