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How to submit articles

Q:  This may sound like a very naive question but who pays for the articles if anyone? I'm a writer with a client who wants some articles written to increase his credibility and I'm trying

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Article Marketing: Your Article Writing Campaign Timeline

I hear comments frequently that I appear to be “all over the place.”   Someone will search a topic and see an article I’ve written, and then follow a link to a teleclass I’m

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Online Marketing to Prospects: 6 Secrets to Ensure Your Prospect Well Never Runs Dry

by Donna Gunter, The Online Biz Resource Queen (TM) Many service business owners, once they become busy working with current clients, no longer make the time to market their businesses.  It's

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Recession Proof Marketing: 7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Internet Marketing That Won’t Break the Bank

I’m not sure whether or not to pay attention to all the negative news reports about the state of the economy.  For the most part, I’ve discovered that virtual businesses don’t quite suffer the same

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Getting My Business Recognized

Q:  What are some key steps to get your business recognized through Internet marketing? Nakiba A:  Hi Nakiba– Without a doubt, I’d have to recommend article

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