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Category Archives for Article Marketing

Writing Articles and Traffic Generation

Q:  How exactly does writing articles drive traffic to your site.  I understand the concept of linking your site in the articles, as well as your "unique voice" and authority of subject

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How Do I Establish Credibility?

Q:  What are the best ways to establish credibility in your niche, if you lack experience? You can write articles, of course, but don’t you have to be doing what you’re writing about?

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Where Do I Submit My Articles?

One of the most frequent questions I get about the topic of article marketing is, "Where do I submit my articles?"  There are thousands of article directories and article banks out there,

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How to Use Google Alerts to Boost Your Business

Google Alerts are a handy little email notification service provided by Google to let you know when new information in which you might be interested has been posted somewhere online and spidered by the

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What Does Your Target Market Want?

Sometimes writing articles is a complete crapshoot.  One week I think I’ve written a wonderful article that everyone will love and get not one response and very little interest.  The next

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