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7 Proven Audio Marketing Strategies

Audio marketing strategies are the newest “old” content marketing strategy being used. Reaching consumers via audio started with America’s first commercial radio station, which began broadcasting

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How do I convert ebooks to audio?

Where can I obtain low cost software to convert my ebook to audio?Ash Hi Ash– I'm not aware of any way to directly convert an ebook to audio without you (or voice talent that you hire) reading

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7 Steps to Creating Your Own Podcast

Listening to podcasts isn’t something I enjoy or take time for, quite frankly.  I’m a visual learner and prefer to read something rather than listen to it, as I find reading a much quicker

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My First Podcast

I’ve been interested in podcasting for awhile, but could never figure out how to incorporate it into my regular marketing without adding another task to my already too-long to-do list. For the uninitiated,

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