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7 Proven Ways to Guest Blog the RIGHT Way

I’ve been hit up on my support desk quite a few times during the last month by people who are looking to provide me with guest blog articles. Guest blogging done the wrong way can cost you —

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10 Steps to Turn Your Podcast Interview Into a Book

If you have a podcast interview under your belt, you already have the content for a short book that you can use as a lead magnet for your business, since it’s pretty simple to turn your podcast interview

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Boost Sales: 7 Most Effective Website Design Strategies to Increase Sales Conversion Rates

If you want to boost sales on your web site, the first issue you need to explore is how to increase sales conversion rates. Conversion rate is the portion of unique visitors to your web site that take

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The Perfect 10-Point Lead Nurturing Strategy

Every business needs more leads. What happens when you get a lead? Sadly, in many cases, nothing at all. That’s why you need to become the guru with a killer lead nurturing strategy.

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7 Ways to Create Amazing Actionable Content on Your Website

When I refer to actionable content, I’m talking about the content that can be easily implemented by the readers that they find informative, relevant, entertaining and unique. One of the best examples

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