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Monthly Email Newsletter

Keep your local business top of mind with customers and prospects with our monthly email newsletter service. Your email newsletter will be custom-designed. We will create one issue of your newsletter to go out once a month and will re-send each issue to recipients who did not open initial broadcast. We will request a monthly list of new customers and prospects to add to your list. Click for sample newsletter

Cost is $199 per month. First month will be $299, which includes setup fee and first issue. Email marketing software cost not included.–ranges from $9 to $29/month depending on your list size.

Click for a sample of a  newsletter.

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Digital Lead Magnet

Create a digital lead magnet for your business to give away and help you grow your email list. The lead magnet answers a pressing question or concern held by your target market and encourages readers to contact your business for more assistance. The PDF giveaway can be used on your website or in your other advertising to collect customer leads. Click for sample lead magnet.

Cost is $499

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We can also create a landing page for your lead magnet as well as set up and email marketing program for an additional fee.

Magazine Tearsheet Handout

Create a print and digital tearsheet from an interview in which you have participated. If you don’t have an interview, I’ll interview you on one of my radio shows. Click for sample tearsheet.

Cost is $799. Includes 250 printed copies of 8-page tearsheet. Additional copies available for $250 for 250 copies. Does not include digital ad design as seen in sample tearsheet. Instead of the ads, I would include photos of you spread throughout the article, with one call-to-action advertisement at the end of the article.

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Digital Media Kit

Create digital media kit for you to use to get media interviews. Click for sample media kit.

Cost is $599.

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