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How to Become the “Go-To” Person in Your Industry with a Magazine Tear Sheet

A magazine tear sheet is exactly what it sounds like — a sheet of paper torn from a magazine. Editors of print publications will send a tear sheet to a freelance writer that has had her work published

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How to Become Your Industry’s Leading Expert in 30 Days

Many online solo service professionals wonder how they will ever become known in their industry, or even their industry’s leading expert, given the easy access to the abundance of information found

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Get a Strong Start to 2016

I am looking for 15 ambitious, goal-oriented and successful business people who want to be an author in a new book,¬†Business Growth Hacks: Accelerate Your Business Growth in Just 10 Minutes a Day. I’ve

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Ever Feel Like a Fraud?

Do you ever feel like a fraud? If so, you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs think, “I’m a fraud and everyone is about to find out.” I’ve felt like a fraud most of my life, especially

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