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Bad Examples of Social Networking

I just unfriended someone today from Facebook for a really poor display in her status update.  Apparently she got a speeding ticket and went off about that and the cop who issued the ticket with a string of profanities on a wall post. The reason I was connected to her was due to her employment at an email marketing company.  Her friends sympathized with her plight, but I just know her from Facebook, and was really turned off.  Trust me, I’m no angel and I let the profanities fly when I’m irate, but I don’t display that in any social networking status update.  I think people forget that both true friends and colleagues can see status updates, unless you use the Lists feature to determine who sees what.

And I blocked someone from Twitter today as well.  He’s a young local photographer who was pitching me his photography business.  After several tweets where he spared no details about his sex life, I decided he wasn’t someone I wanted to do business with.

Be careful about what you post and where you post it — your words can come back to haunt you!

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