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Belated Holiday Celebrations, Yet Again

In my 4 years of being with Eric, I’ve discovered one issue that isn’t likely to change soon — we never get to celebrate a holiday on the actual date of the holiday. Ah, the joy of being married to a shift worker! Eric made some very involved and romantic plans about 3 weeks ago for our Valentine’s Day celebration, which we were doing early on Feb. 12th because he had to work on the 14th. Well, two weeks ago those plans were destroyed when he was called in to work overtime on Saturday the 13th during the day. His days go from 4 AM – 4 PM, which means a 7 PM bedtime for him the night before and thus we had to cancel our plans once again, as there was no way we could go out to the dinner he
planned and return home by 7:00.

So, we had a Valentine’s “hour” early Friday night before he had to go to bed. Pizza is his favorite food, so on Thursday I made some homemade pizza dough in our breadmaker and we created homemade pizzas for our Valentine’s Day feast. They were awesome, if I must say so myself! LOL And before you ask what kind we made, one was a Hawaiian
pizza with pineapple, Canadian bacon, and onions, and the other was a pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and orange bell pepper. Both are definitely keepers, and he now prefers homemade pizza over his demigod of pizzaness, Papa John’s!

We’ve rescheduled our Valentine’s Day outing to this Friday, and barring anyone at work calling in sick, we might actually get to go out this time around!

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