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The Lone Ranger Never Rode Alone

As a card-carrying Introvert on the Myers-Briggs scale, (in addition to being a first-born), I know I have difficulty letting helpful people into my life. My parents raised me with the philosophy of,

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Blinded by Lack of Abundance

I just had the most insane conversation today. I called the president of a local women’s group to ask if she would email the members about the upcoming Arkansas Women’s Conference. I’m

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The Power of Girlfriends

I’ve been a Donna-come-lately to the hit HBO show, Sex in the City. I never had the chance to watch it when it originally aired, but have been an ardent fan since it’s been airing in reruns

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Overcoming Overwhelm

I had an interesting conversation with a friend last night about our businesses and how difficult it is to replicate yourself. He told a story of a client who is an accountant who can never get her own

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Getting Out of the BS Funnel

I think I’ve been stuck in the BS Funnel (yes, it stands for what you think it does) for the last few weeks now. I’ve had it on my to-do list to call some prospective clients about my coaching

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