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The Bodice Ripper Theory of Spirituality

…or how our thoughts create our reality..:) I caused quite a stir in the Forum class at my church on Sunday as we were having a discussion about whether there’s a God and life after death

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How to Be a Rock Star

The title of this post is a saying I’ve taken from one of my favorite TV chefs, Rachael Ray, of 30 Minute Meals. She’s always got a great meal that’s quick to prepare that she says will

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Feeling Good When You Don’t

I got the following the other day from good friend and colleague, Janet Anderton, It’s one of those things that gets passed around via email, but it made me smile on a day when

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The Power of Strategic Alliances

I wrote in a previous post about the fact that the Lone Ranger never really rode alone. Strategic alliances are a really powerful way to get yourself moving in your business, as you have a partner (or

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The Lone Ranger Never Rode Alone

As a card-carrying Introvert on the Myers-Briggs scale, (in addition to being a first-born), I know I have difficulty letting helpful people into my life. My parents raised me with the philosophy of,

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