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Niching Myself

I’ve just finished C.J.Hayden’s Get Clients NOW! marketing program. In order for me to be licensed to facilitate the program, I had to go through it as a participant. I’ve relearned

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Awesome Customer Service

Well, I’ve violated my own standards this weekend by working the full weekend to update my website. Check out the results at I discovered on Saturday morning that

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Giving Your Clients Some Extra Attention

I heard this great story today in a teleclass that’s part of a series of classes on multiple streams of income for coaches. Ester Beris of the Clown Marketing Institute,,

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Giving Up What’s Not Working

Today was the second day of my coaching webinar with Chris Barrow. We were a bit more technology-challenged today–technology is a wonderful tool, except when it doesn’t work as it should..

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My First Webinar

Today has been a big day for three reasons. First, I’ve gotten my blog off the ground and am making this initial posting! (yeah!) I’m going to use this blog as my Center of Authenticity checker

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