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7 Reasons to Create a VIP Club for Your Business

One way that successful businesses strengthen their relationships with their customers through a VIP Club. A VIP club is a powerful and cost-effective form of marketing that small businesses use to contact

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Writing a Headline: 7 Proven Headline Formulas That Sell

Headline formulas can’t be that complicated, right? Writing a headline seems pretty simple — everyone is doing it! All you have to do is just give your piece a title that tells what the story

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Publer, Your New Social Media Scheduling Dream

I’ve used a number of social media scheduling tools in the past, and have ended up discontinuing my use of them for one reason or another. However, last week I discovered the new social media scheduling

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7 Proven Audio Marketing Strategies

Audio marketing strategies are the newest “old” content marketing strategy being used. Reaching consumers via audio started with America’s first commercial radio station, which began broadcasting

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Recurring Income Ideas: 13 Examples of Continuity Income in a Service-Based Business

Want to generate some recurring income ideas? If you’re tired of the day-to-day struggle of chasing one client to the next or want a better way to run your business that enables you to better predict

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