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How to Stay Connected To Your Clients During COVID-19

In 2020, we as business owners are in uncharted waters in terms of how to stay connected to your clients during COVID-19 pandemic. Few of us have ever had to deal with widespread closings of cities, canceling

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Your Profitable Online Business Model Blueprint

For the last year, I’ve been seriously rethinking my online business model blueprint.  As I have reviewed what works and doesn’t work as an online business, as well as what I want (and don’t

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Triple Your Opt-in Conversions with an Email Course

For years, I’ve been giving away a PDF guide and checklist as my lead magnet to entice prospects to sign up for my list.  This strategy has served me well as a way to grow my list. However, what I’ve

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5 Best Strategies to Develop a Responsive Email List

I see the well-known Internet marketing gurus do this all the time — they begin to try and sell to me when I first opt into their list, thinking that’s the best way to develop a responsive

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Referral Marketing Tips: 3 Expert Strategies to Prevent A Great Referral From Going Bad

As a part of my referral marketing strategy, I routinely make referrals to other products and business service providers that I know or use regularly.  In 99% of the cases, I’ve actually used the product

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