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Q:  I want to start a blog, but I’m not sure what to use.  I’ve heard alot about WordPress–do you have any experience in that?

A:  I personally use Typepad and am quite happy with it.

The version I have runs $89/year, which gives me 3 blogs.  They have a less expensive and more expensive service as well. The nice thing about Typepad is that the setup is pretty painless, as the site sits on Typepad’s servers.  However, you can map the domain over their servers so that it appears that it’s on your website.  For example,  this used to be the URL for this blog:   You can see that it sits on the Typepad servers because Typepad is part of the URL.  Now, with domain mapping, it’s simply .  Much simpler, right??

WordPress is the current rage for blogs, however.  It’s more easily customizable than Typepad and has so many more templates from which to choose.  If you use the hosted version on the WordPress servers,, you have many fewer options and contains the software you can download into your own hosting account. 

However, I would recommend that you find a hosting company that already has WordPress installed on its servers.  My hosting company,, has that as an option.  Here’s where you’ll find free WordPress templates:

If you’re interested in WordPress, here’s an ebook that Andy Wibbels wrote on the subject, WordPress 101:

Happy blogging!

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