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How to Monetize My Blog

Q:  I have a blog. How do I monetize it? What content do I put on it? Bernard A:  Hi Bernard!  It really depends on what your core business is. 1.  If you're an affiliate marketer,

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Adventures in WordPress

This past week I gave myself the challenge of learning more about WordPress, so I hopped on the WP bandwagon by buying my first theme, Socrates.  I’m learning more about affiliate marketing and

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Drive Traffic to Your Site with a 6-Step Blog Comments Blueprint

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your web site is by commenting on other people’s blogs.  However, a vast majority of people don’t do this the right way.  Their primary traffic

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Best WordPress Themes

Q:  What are the best  FREE (or low- cost) wordpress themes.  What do you use?Shawna A:  Hi Shawna– Actually, I don't use WordPress at all — I use Typepad for my blogs. 

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8 Secrets to Fill Your Business in 60 Days

Recently I was asked in an interview to imagine that I was starting all over again and as a newbie, how I would fill my business in 60 days. Things have changed tremendously since I began my online business

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