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How to Turn Your Podcast Into a Book

There are a couple of methods you can use to determine how to turn your podcast into a book. The one I’ll discuss today is how to turn one of your own podcast guest episodes into an interview-style book. The

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10 Proven Tips to Help You Sell More Ebooks

Digital ebooks have changed everything in the publishing world, but it’s not that big of a surprise to online marketers who have been selling their information for years via PDF format. But now there

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10 Steps to Turn Your Podcast Interview Into a Book

If you have a podcast interview under your belt, you already have the content for a short book that you can use as a lead magnet for your business, since it’s pretty simple to turn your podcast interview

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Book Marketing Trends

Today’s post is courtesy of guest author, Carole Audet. As a certified author’s assistant, I help my clients with all stages of getting their expertise out of their heads and into published books.

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